FIF considers world markets


FIF Industrial and Industrial Complex, in line with industrialization and reduction of manufacturing costs, has started construction of industrial complex in Ashtarjan Industrial Area of ​​Isfahan in 1370. In order to achieve its goals, namely improving the quality of domestic products, exporting products to world markets and Optimize the use of raw materials, move.

Among the areas of activity of this complex are:

  1. Production of heavy steel structures
  2. Production of cold-finished galvanized sheet metal structures.(LSF)

3-steel deck

4-tray and cable ladder

  1. Production of dry systems including:

5.1 Dry Wall Structures. (Dry wall)

5.2 Structural Ceiling False with Plasterboard.

5-3 Dry View.

  1. Production of aluminum ceilings

fif, with its modern and specialized equipment, is committed to delivering its products to the world market with the highest international standards , with a thorough and effortless effort.

In this regard, the equipment supplied in five different sections is as follows:

1-cutting machines

2-roll forming machines

3-section hydraulic and impact punching

4-Sharpening and welding equipment

5 lines of continuous electrostatic powder coating and box

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